Saltcube Lucid Dream And OBE Timer - Version 2.9 - DEBUG

Use this timer to cause you alternate waking up and falling asleep during the morning in order to induce lucid dreams and OBEs. For best results do not move at all once you lay down, staying perfectly still (no eye movement) and not shifting during dozing brings on LDs and OBEs about twice as fast.

Important: Make sure you set your volume to be VERY LOUD to be sure it wakes you up. You will probably need to set your volume about twice as loud as you first expect in order to be sure it wakes you.

This timer has only been tested in IE Explorer 6 and doesn't seem to work in Opera, it probably won't work in Windows 95 unless you have IE 6. Make sure you have javascript enabled and sounds turned on in your browser.

You can save this file to a local computer so you don't need to be connected to the internet to use the timer.

  1. Download this zip file:
  2. Unzip it to a directory
  3. Open timer.html in Internet Explorer 6

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When it gets to an interval set to
zero it will repeat the previous
interval forever.

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