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How To Have Lucid Dreams And O.B.E.s Video

What's here:

A video on how to trick your body into falling asleep lucid dream and have out of body experiences using mind/body communication tricks.

What it does for you:

Lucid dreams and out of body experiences allow you to have amazingly fun dreams where you have freedom from physicality. You can create using thought, fly to the moon, walk through walls, use x-ray vision, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

If you would like to know how to do this, you can purchase a video I've made on some exceptionally powerful induction methods I've developed. These methods are unique to this site and you won't find them anywhere else. These methods focus on mind-body communication and are not the usual technqiues like telling yourself you'll remember your dreams over and over. These methods are much more immediate and allow you to reliably predict that within an hour or so of using them you'll have an OBE or lucid dream.

  • See the video for yourself: Scroll down and watch the preview videos on what's in the video

  • See what OBEs are like: Scroll down and check out all the OBE stories that people have sent in on how they've had their first OBEs and lucid dreams using these tricks.

  • Read the iron-clad guarantee: You're protected for a full year by out hassle-free guarantee. So you can feel safe that you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by learning these techniques.

  • Get started tonight: Scroll down and click the button in the order form to request your own personal copy. You can download it right now and have your first OBE and lucid dreams tonight!

    This video course is packed with tips that many people have used to have their first out of body experiences and lucid dreams. In part one you'll learn how to use the body's own biology to put yourself in a subconscious focus without using any mental visualizations. This shortens the learning curve immensely and you very well may have an OBE or lucid dream the very first time you use the methods in this video course.

    Part two covers more advanced methods in which you can take command of your lucid dreaming by doing Wake Induced Lucid Dreams or WILDs. You'll learn a powerful visualization called a teleporting OBE exit that you can use to do a WILD, you'll also learn how to craft your own efficient visualizations.


    You'll learn how to:

    • Speak the body's biological language so you can to give it the commands to fall asleep while you keep your mind awake.

    • Tell how deep in trance you are by listening to the body's signals.

    • Optimize your brain chemistry to make lucid dreams much more likely and much more vivid.

    • Have dozens of lucid dreams or OBEs rapidly one after the other.

    • Fall asleep quickly but without falling so far asleep that you can't become lucid.

    • Conquer fear in dreams.
    "How To Trick Your Body Into Falling Asleep To Enter A Lucid Dream"

    You'll learn how to:

    • Create a space in your subconscious that you can immerse your focus into to have a WILD

    • Shift your focus into the part of your brain that generates mental imagery and away from the physical imagery you usually see

    • Craft your own efficient visualizations to develop solid subconscious spaces

    • Fix blindness in lucid dreams and sense your surroundings without using vision

    • Solve problems associated with relaxation such as involuntary muscle twitching, itching and the swallow reflex
    "How To Do Wake Induced Lucid Dreams"

    1. After years with no success, Michael saw the video then had "multiple lucid dreams"
      "I have read many books and heard many people talk about OBE or lucid dreaming. They were all interesting and very informative but none of them came close to the information I got from the video. Over the years I tried many techniques with no success. After reading the testimonial on the saltcube web page I told myself ''Why not, maybe this information could make a difference''. I'm glad I bought it. I had multiple lucid dreams using your special timer software. All I can say to breifly explain what this video brought me is the ability to experience a different state of cousciouness by giving me simple and not complicated information. "
      Michael Habib, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    2. Erik began having lasting lucid dreams "days" after seeing the video
      "I made sincere effort for many months to become a lucid dreamer, the best I could do was a few seconds. The dreams always faded away very quickly and I had no control of them. About a year ago I was lucky to come across sample videos posted on youtube on lucid dreaming that had the most valuable information I had come across. While I was watching the video at home I started to become certain that I could become lucid in the way I read about in books and in the forums. Days later I began having lasting lucid dreams. Instead of the typical 5 or 10 seconds they were 10 or 20 minutes. For about a year now I have been able to become very lucid with relative ease. Lucid Dreaming is a skill I have developed, and I certain that I have become skillful because I had a good teacher!"
      Erik Hjerpe, Phoenix, Arizona USA
    3. Will had a lucid dream on his first attempt after seeing the video!
      "Nick's informative video for inducing lucid dreams & OBEs is direct and well thought out. I experienced a solid lucid dream after my first attempt at using his Rhythm Napping method, which he clearly explains during the video demonstration. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Nick in his next release."
      Will Black, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    4. Talon is an experienced lucid dreamer who now has more WILDs as a result of seeing the video
      "I've been a lucid dreamer for awhile -- with occasional lucids fairly frequently, this video gave me insightful tips on how I could improve my techniques and approaches. For the most part, I get random DILDs still. I made progress using the WILD technique shown and have gone farther than before in the little while I've been using it."
      Talon Arana, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    5. Josh now knows what it's like to be Neo from the Matrix after seeing the video!
      "Lucid dreaming has always been an interest of mine, and I have spent countless hours online searching for that 'reliable induction method'. I had had one lucid dream and wanted more. A year later, a friend of mine suggested's video, saying he has had multiple lucid dreams using these techniques... I took the plunge and ordered it online. What an experience. Since viewing the video, I have had at least one lucid dream every fortnight - and I'm getting better. And for those of you who haven't lucid dreamed... you haven't LIVED. Wanna know how Neo feels in The Matrix? This is how. Thanks Saltcube!"
      Josh Reynolds, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
    6. Ryan had a lucid dream his very first attempt after seeing the video!
      "I found a lot of ideas to be very useful in the saltcube videos. On the first try of many of the techniques I was able to become lucid and even develop my own ideas from them to induce wake-induced lucid dreams. Definitely worth the money spent, and would recommend to anybody - from the beginner to the more advanced."
      Ryan Moore, Manchester, England
    7. Robert had his first O.B.E. after seeing the video!
      "I ordered the video and watched it with a pinch of salt. To my amazement I was able to leave my body and it was just like the video described. I still can't get over how accurate the description of the obe experience on the video was. Thanks Nick."
      Robert Cichocki, West Midlands, UK
    8. Dennis says "it was the greatest experience I ever had in my life" and had an OBE two weeks after seeing the video!
      "The saltcube website and videos really inpired me, my other friends are trying it these days and were amazed by the results of it. In the first week I already was very close to an OBE and the second week it happened. It was the greatest experience I ever had in my life, and I hope I get a lot of these experiences in the future. Thanks Nick!"
      Dennis Binnekade, Katwijk aan zee, The Netherlands
    9. Mark had his first OBE after watching the video!
      "This video is a straight forward approach to astral travelling with none of the normal attachments of fear and methods that tend to be highly subjective Using this method was a key turning point for me, before this I had tried umpteen methods across 6 months of regular practice but it was only when I tried Saltcube's methods did I actually experience the astral realms.

      Learning the knack of staying awake whilst my body went to sleep was the hinge point. It's really the ability to hover in a semi-conscious state that allows the next steps to follow. If you're too conscious the body doesn't go to sleep and if you go unconscious then you and your body goes to sleep.

      Even when I'm not intending to astral travel when I go to sleep I often feel the anaesthetising force rising from my feet, into my legs, and up my body. This is largely due to the fact the that Saltcube methods make you aware of things unnoticed before but were always there.

      This is why Saltcube's methods arenít subjective, all humans beings experience this, the issue only being are you aware and sensitive to this natural phenomena.

      Astral travel isn't nebulous either, I can still remember my first experience vividly, and not just what I saw but how it felt which is different to how you would normally feel through your five senses.

      It's more like you're with it, in the presence of something, a bit like a fish is in the presence of water. The best way I could describe it, it was an electrical twilight, a twilight with a vibrancy.

      Also that calculating part of you is not so dominant in the experience which allows for a greater or different kind of perception. At first I didn't know I was astral travelling. It was only when I saw there was a cat in my bedroom that I realised thatís not possible, I never let the cats into my bedroom and the bedroom door is always shut. Then my rational mind thought it must have sneaked in, so I turned around to see another cat majestically walking across my window sill, which was also odd but when I saw that it was walking in mid air, it all of sudden dawned on me, I was astral travelling! So it all made for a fascinating starter experience.

      Out of all the other methods Iíve tried before, this is the one that works best for me. Also the understandings of how its done also make a lot of sense to me. Thank You."

      Mark Cotton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England
    10. Stuart tried for five years to have and. But after he saw the video he was able to succeed!
      "I have been attempting OBE's for over 5 years without any real success. My continued attempts were due to my fascination with life beyond the material world and I was not about to give up on finding this ability within myself. I have watched many videos and read many books on the subject, but it was not until I watched the "How To Lucid Dream And Have Out Of Body Experiences" video that I was actually able to have an OBE, albeit brief. I can tell you honestly that this video will explain everything you will ever need to know about Out of Body Experiences and Wake Induced Lucid Dreams so that you not only understand what is supposed to happen, but the most effective techniques (fully and beautifully illustrated) that will allow you to achieve these states faster than you ever imagined."
      Stuart Rosenfarb, Toronto, Ontario
    11. Clint tried for two years without success, then after seeing the video had a wake-induced lucid dream that he reports: "changed how I view life in general."
      "Dear Nick, thanks very much! I have always considered yours to be the best voice out there when searching for support and advice on OBE and lucid dreaming. I can honestly say that before I had bought your first video I had struggled for at least two years trying to have another OBE or lucid dream. That two year dry spell ended dramatically with a fantastic WILD lucid dream that changed how I view life in general, all thanks to certain key bits of crucial advice you gave in the first video. You helped me to achieve something I'll always remember. Thanks a millon Nick!!!"
      Clint Stout, Malaga, Spain
    12. Sultan says after seeing the video: "I had many wonderful and vivid lucid dreams"!
      "The Saltcube movies helped in realizing many factors that surround OBEs. There are many resources on the web that gave me false information and hard to grasp techniques. Luckily the SaltCube movies came to the rescue. I recommended it if you are looking for a quick way to learn the Dos and Don'ts of OBEs. I had many wonderful and vivid lucid dreams using the methods on the video."
      Sultan Al-Sharif, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
    13. Dylan had his first WILD within hours of watching the video after he had been trying for years with no results!
      "I couldn't believe how quickly I got results after implementing these techniques! I used to spend countless hours writing down and analyzing my dreams in an attempt to discover patterns that would help me become lucid. Not anymore though - Just a few hours after watching the first video, I tried a WILD (a wake induced lucid dream) with great success. Quit wasting your time in analysis and start spending more time realizing your unlimited potential in the dream realm!"
      Dylan Addison, Salem, OR
    14. Pierre is now able to "fly into space among planets and stars... with full control" after seeing the video!
      "I learned about lucid dreams and OBE 15 years ago from a roommate who was working for Professor Stephen Laberge at Stanford University. I read his books and was able to have a few lucid dreams after a couple of years. My progress was so slow and I had so little control over my few lucid dreams that I gave up until last year. Last year I decided to give it another try, joined some lucid dream forums, and discovered the "How To Lucid Dream And Have Out Of Body Experiences" video from saltcube. The effect of this video was amazing! In just a few days I was able to have vivid lucid dreams on demand. I finally was able to have and to fully experience the dreams I wanted (ie: Fly to deep space, among planets and stars, come back to earth) with full control. I am now able to have long lucid dreams on the weekend by following the techniques described in the video. I experienced the awake/asleep body transition as described in the video. I was amazed that it felt (and sounded) exactly the same as described in the video. Thanks to the video which helped me control my lucid dreams and hence get more experience, I am now working on my ability to control my dream environment as well. This is my next and exciting step. Thank you. Pierre."
      Pierre Fontarensky, Sunnyvale, California, USA
    15. Jeremy had his first WILD 3 days after seeing the video and now can do them almost every morning!
      "Wow. This video is by far the ultimate source on information for WILD'ing and having OBE's. I was never able to do it until I watched this video. After watching the video, I had WILD 3 days later and can do them almost every morning. "
      Jeremy Marion, Tampa, FL
    16. Gary now can consistently achieve vibrations after seeing the video!
      "I had had only one uncontrolled OBE in my life and it was both terrifying and intriging. I have since tried many methods to try to induce another OBE so that I could control it and learn from it. However before I used this video, my results were incosistant at best. After viewing the video, I now know what is actually going on with my body's physiology and where the "fear" comes from and how to overcome it. I am also now able to achieve the vibrations that I have long sought but failed to achieve using other methods. I am able to achieve a deeper and profound state of meditation and I feel that I am on the brink of having a fully conscious OBE. I would not have even gotten this far if it wasn't for the video, seriously, after searching for many years this is by far the best "how-to" manual I have ever found, its the ONLY "how-to" manual you will ever need becuase it WORKS!!!!!!!"
      Gary Landry, San Antonio, TX, USA
    17. Stefan says the video was "the missing link" to increasing his lucidity tenfold!
      "I have been practicing various lucid dreaming techniques for almost three years now. I have read many books and materials, of which all have been with irregular results. Nick's video was the missing link to reliable and consistent results. Whether you are an experienced lucid dreamer or a first timer, Nick's instructions and techniques will undoubtedly bring you success. Why? His material is the only resource that I've studied that clearly and in great detail explains the biological process the body goes through while entering the dream state and gives great techniques on how to "trick" the body into deliberately inducing sleep paralysis - which is one step away from entering a dream with full consciousness! I watched the video several times through and with minimal practice, I simply followed the instructions, applied Nick's techniques and in no time my success rate and degree of lucidity increased tenfold! Powerful stuff, thanks Nick!!!"
      Stefan Schwartz, Seattle, WA
    18. Sebastian had a lucid dream the 1st time he tried the methods!
      "The first night I tried rhythm napping I had a lucid dream. The video is full of tips and tricks and it is a "must have" for anyone who is interested in these phenomenons called Lucid dreams and Out of the body experiences."
      Sebastian Eriksson, Mariehamn, Ňland, Finland
    19. James had his "first lucid dream one week after watching the saltcube video"
      "I have been trying to lucid dream for about a year with little success, before I found saltcube. The video is definitely the best help I have found and is very easy to understand. I had my first lucid dream one week after watching the saltcube video."
      James Negd, Brisbane, Australia
    20. John says the video put the pieces of the puzzle together for him!
      "I have been practicing to do lucid dreams for a few years now and have read quite a bit about the topic. However, Nick's detailed video really helped me learn the small details that made a difference. Like the missing pieces of a puzzle, the video honestly give me ALL the information I needed to know in order to succeed. After two weeks of practicing, I can say that I achieve a LD about 1/3 of the times that I try, which is a great start for me! Thanks Nick for putting all these efforts in making this video, it made a difference in my life!"
      John Chabot, Beijing, China
    21. Gary says it's "phenomenal!" and that he had his first OBE after seeing the video!
      "I was a beginner and always would get distracted or fall asleep. The instructions on this video explained my issues precisely and provided clear directions to counter these factors. The timer kept me focused and off distractions which led to my first OBE. Words cannot explain this unique moment of achievement after so many futile attempts.

      The two most helpful things that I took away from the video was; 1) understanding the language of the body. - I would just get ready to turn over and want to fall asleep - I catch myself and pretend to rollover slightly to fake the body out yet stay aware. OR 2) I would fall asleep prematurely - used the timer and found that extremely useful in keeping me focused and body relaxed yet still aware. ---

      The combination of these two things led to my first OBE. It was a bit scary but remember just floating up and through the roof of the house and this may seem odd but I clearly saw the multi-layers grains in the plywood roof as I passed through them and the insulation paper and shingles. Then I was above the roof looking down at the back yard it was then I realized what was happening. This interval was only a few minutes but it was an episode that I will never forget. I am trying to reproduce the results. I do not know if it is a subconscious fear factor blocking me or what... work in progress.

      Thanks Nick for you - Lucid Dreaming Ė Phenomenal!"

      Gary Hammond, Riverview, FL, USA
    22. Joseph now has happier and more lucid dreams!
      "After searching the internet for information and symptoms about OBE, I came across this site (saltcube). Where most sites had music and sound wave cdís to purchase, this was the only site I came across that had an instructional video on lucid dreaming and OBE. Iím a visual learner so I was excited! I was very happy with all technical information that was jam packed into these videos like why you feel this way, how to get from point A to B, why that happens and tricks to deal with some situations. I now have the information I need to help stay calm and focused which has resulted in me having happier and more lucid dreams. I donít think it will be long before I have my first OBE."
      Joseph Reddick, Waterloo, Ontario Canada
    23. Kevin now has consistent OBEs after seeing the video!
      "Hi Nick! I have never had much luck with lucid dreaming... it all seemed rather hit or miss. Ten days of practicing the exercises in the video and I can have "OBEs" very consistently. I know I'm just a few days from my first lucid dream! With the exercises in your video, I can really tell when I'm making progress. Thanks!"
      Kevin McGovern, Collingswood, NJ, USA
    24. Cryss had a full-blown lucid dream his first week after getting the video and a full-blown OBE another week later!
      "As many here I did struggle with Lucid Dreaming for years. Of course, with several of the books and CD's over the years I did manage to have the occasional Lucid Dream but they were months if not years apart. When I first got the video I was a bit skeptical but I figured it was a good purchase when compared to what others have charged. I also had a colleague purchase it who had success with this tool. Since mastering Lucid Dreaming was important to me I decided to purchase it. I am so glad I did! Within the the first week I had woke up in my dreams and shouted "holy heck, I'm dreaming!". In that dream I was able to have full awareness and control. Within another week I had a full blown OBE! I am grateful for the work and expertise that was put into this system!"
      Cryss BlackWolf, Sonora, CA
    25. Tharyn's lucid dreams increased "three-fold within a month"!
      "I was very new to lucid dreaming and wanted to experience what I was reading about. In the past I may have had only one or two lucid dreams that I remember total. I liked them and wanted more. After watching how to use the protocol from salt cubes videos my lucid dreaming increase three-fold within a month. In that time I had more than 10 lucid dreams and OBE's. They are also occurring ever more often. Thanks so much salt cube for teaching me the necessary steps to achieve my dreams! Haha pun intended."
      Tharyn Taylor, Kalamazoo, Michigan
    26. Daniel had his first OBE two weeks after seeing the video!
      "While I had been succesful in achieving lucid dreams, I had never had an OBE. The video helped me sort out some of the things I had been doing wrong in my previous attempts, and after two weeks I experienced my first OBE."
      Daniel Nergard, Verdal, Norway
    27. Clint is an experienced OBEer who revived his lucid dreaming progress after seeing the video!
      "Several years ago I practiced lucid dream and OBE induction techniques on a regular basis. I had many lucid dreams and a few OBEs, although I never seemed to have much control over producing either one, especially an OBE. I stopped practicing and as a result the incidence of lucid dreams dropped to 1 or 2 a year and no OBEs. "How to Lucid Dream" inspired me to take it up again and the techniques outlined have been very effective. Within a few days I had 3 OBEs and several lucid dreams. I have gotten terrific results in a short time and have more confidence and control over inducing these states. Thanks for reviving my lucid dreaming enthusiasm and providing such effective techniques!"
      Clint Anglin, Troy, NY USA
    28. Travis had his first OBE a week after seeing the video!
      "I have been working on OBE's for 6 years. I knew everything that I needed to do, but the video helped me learn when to do it. The video helped me put all the pieces together, and in the right order to have an OBE within a week. Plus the video gave me an idea of what to look for in each state. That was the biggest help for me. Thanks."
      Travis Westerman, Salt Lake City, Utah
    29. Christian had his first, short, OBE after seeing the video!
      "I have always been interested in having an OBE and I tried to stay awake to be able to get out of my body. Well the staying awake worked but the OBE did not until I got to the Saltcube page where I finally found the answer to my questions and what bocked me to reach the next step, which brought me to my first very short but exiting OBE. This is really the best peace of information I have ever read and seen regarding "how have and control OBE's" and its the one which worked for me."
      Christian Seymour, Frankfurt, Germany

    30. Justin had a "staggering number of lucid dreams" since watching the video!
      "The Saltcube lucid dream/OBE videos are, with absolutely no exaggeration, the most unique, innovative and worthwhile content on this subject I've ever found (and believe me, I've done my research!) After several years of reasonably heavy work on lucid dreaming with every other book/program out there, I was at the point where I was making marginal progress, having an occasional spontaneous lucid dream in the middle of the night.

      However, it just wasn't enough to sustain my interest; I was putting in too much and not getting enough in the way of reuslts. When I finally saw the previews for the saltcube videos on YouTube and watched them, I immediately sensed how unique they were. The "blackboard technique" alone convinced me to shell out the cash for the full videos. Mere minutes after downloading them, I was stunned; FINALLY, after years of wading through slight variations on the same old tired techniques, I had found something new and different. I eagerly devoured the new information, and a renaissance in my OBE/LD project was born.

      That was a scant few weeks ago, and since then, working with these videos, I've managed to have a staggering number of lucid dreams, both spontaneously and during meditative states. I'm not to my ultimate goal yet -- being able to have a wake-induced lucid dream on demand, any time I want, with minimal effort -- but I'm sure as heck getting there, thanks almost exclusively to these new techniques, and I'd never dared to hope that would ever happen. I've also noticed that the vast majority of the spontaneous lucid dreams I now constantly have are extremely clear, stable, last forever, and are easy to remember.

      These were all things I had problems with previously and again I can only thank Nick profusely for the change. With no exaggeration this was one of the best purchases I've ever made. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

      Justin Matthews, Northport, NY, USA
    31. James can now have an OBE once a night if he wants to after seeing the video!
      "Having read just about every book on the subject of Astral Projection, I have become familiar with all of the techniques. However, not a single book I have read by all of the "experts" could explain the process of each stage as clearly and scientifically as Nick. After reading dozens of books and articles, I was able to achieve a projection once in a while. After watching Nick's video, I am now able to project with much more regularity - at least once a night if I choose. Thanks Nick!"
      James Paul, Indianapolis, Indiana, US
    32. Federico was suprised to have 3 OBEs the first week after he saw the video!
      "I really appreciate your effort to produce an important video on the subject of OBEs and Lucid Dreaming. When I was 18 years old I became lucid one night. For many years I tried to repeat the experience, my library is full of books about OBEs but none of the material helped me to become lucid or have an OBE. Do not get me wrong, those books are wonderful, but they method do not help me. I ordered your video just to have another one in my collection but I got a big surprise that I did not expect: The first week using your method I had three OBEs! Your system makes sense and I will continuing to use it as much as I can. Three OBEs in one week? Yes, what you teach is working, thank you."
      Federico Cohen, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Dave Cushman, Bankston, IA USA
    33. Paul had his first OBE within a week of seeing the video and now finds it much easier to fall asleep at night!
      "I've had trouble sleeping my whole life. Not only did the techniques illustrated help me fall asleep, I also had an OBE within the first week! Amazing!"
      Paul Greenleaf, Watsonville, CA
    34. Steve had his first conscious OBE a week after seeing the video!
      "I've been interested in OBE's ever since high school (roughly 20 years ago). I've read a LOT on the subject and have tried dozens of techniques, but I've never had any true success. When I came across Nick's video it caught my attention because it sounded straight-forward and logical, but figured it was just another technique that would be like all the rest that didn't yield any results. I took a chance and ordered his video. It was a GREAT choice! They explained how OBE's happen in an easy to understand manner and followed by techniques that were simple and effective. With a little practice during the space of about a week I experienced my first CONSCIOUS OBE! I couldn't have been happier. It was worth every penny and more. "
      Steve Schlais, Guerneville, CA USA
    35. Kevin had his first OBE 10 days after seeing the video and can now have them "very consistently"!
      "Hi Nick! I have never had much luck with lucid dreaming... it all seemed rather hit or miss. Ten days of practicing the exercises in the video and I can have "OBEs" very consistently. I know I'm just a few days from my first lucid dream! With the exercises in your video, I can really tell when I'm making progress. Thanks!"
      Kevin McGovern, Collingswood, NJ USA
    36. Ali now has far better control in OBEs after seeing the video!
      "My biggest problem was I could never consciously relax myself without falling asleep. After using this technique I have far better control in conscious OBE's. Thanks!"
      Ali Fletcher
    37. Michael was able to have a lucid dream on his first shot after seeing the video!
      "Nick has produced a very well researched and informative video, drawing from reputable sources in oneirology and other mind sciences such as Stephen LaBerge and Ingo Swann. I used the rhythm napper and was able to go lucid on the first try!"
      Michael Abrient, Memphis, TN, USA
    38. Yoni increased the the frequency of his lucid dreams increased twofold!
      "I've been trying to have lucid dreams for several years and occasionally succeed. This is one of the things that interests me most and so I've read extensively on the subject. After reading quite a few books and surveying the web - I can report that this video provided one of the most innovative and practical approaches to lucid dreaming that I've encountered. After a few weeks of implementing the techniques from the video, the frequency of my lucid dreams increased twofold!!!"
      Yoni Ovnat, Sedro, Israel
    39. Matt had his first OBE after seeing the video!
      "This is the first product I've found that makes "Body Asleep/Mind Awake" a reality. Unlike the Monroe Institute Gateway CD's, which merely get me relaxed, the saltcube video helped me to learn to put my body to sleep while remaining conscious. It's an interesting experience to lay there and listen to yourself snore. Additionally, I had an OBE after my first complete viewing of the material. No other product has enabled me to accomplish these things."
      Matt Gregory, Kalamazoo, MI USA
    40. Joost doubled his lucid dream frequency after seeing the video!
      "In the weeks after seeing your video and working with the system, my frequency of lucid dreams doubled. That was the highest frequency of lucid dreams I've ever had in my life."
      Joost Habets, Amersfoort, Netherlands

    41. Joe had his first short OBE after seeing the video!
      "Hi Nick, I wanted to thank you for putting together such a great video. I have purchased so many products on Lucid dreaming and OOBE but none have come close to delivering the results or any results, the way yours did. The video is very descriptive and seeing what to do as well as hearing it helped alot. Only after a few days of on and off experimenting I started experiencing false awakenings and very vivid dreams. I even had an short OOBE in the form of seeing myself asleep on the bed. Many thanks, Joe"
      Joe Remback, Port Barrington, IL

    42. Gen tried for 10 years without results, but after seeing the video she her first Wake-Induce Lucid Dream!
      "Well I'm quite surprised, after 10 years of searching through every text I could find for a technique that works, Nick's straight forward instruction combined with his rhythm-napping technique worked first time. I really didn't think it would be that simple, but there I was floating above my body. This has re-sparked my enthusiasm for what I thought may have taken another 10 years to achieve, and I am eternally grateful. Nice one Nick, this is really a fantastic product."
      Gen HookerSnell, Wellington, New Zealand
    43. Ed tried for 3 years to have an OBE, then after seeing the video he had his first two OBEs within a week!
      "I had been trying for 3 years to have another out of body experience when I received the Salt Cube video.

      After watching the video and practicing a simple technique I learned from the video, I had another out of body experience within one week.

      Although it requires discipline and practice, the techniques taught on this video, if practiced regularly, can greatly assist one in having out of body experiences and lucid dreams.

      The great thing about this video is that only takes 70 minutes to watch it. That is unless you are like I am and decide to go over it a second and third time and take notes on it because of the massive amount of useful information it contains."

      Ed Caylor, Bellevue, NE
    44. Daniel had his first lucid dream two days after seeing the video!
      "I bought the lucid dreaming video from saltcube due to the many positive comments I read about it. I watched it and found it extremely interesting! I have only known about lucid dreaming for around 4 years now and never had I achieved one. Mainly because I was slightly skeptical of their existence and didn't really know how to achieve one. Anyway after watching the video I went to bed that night and tried to practice the sleep paralysis technique but found it difficult because I've never been able to lie comfortably with out moving for very long. So the next day I tried a different approach, I did everything the video mentioned about visualizing, only I wrapped my self up in a blanket so I was comfortable and couldn't move even If I wanted to. Eventually I began to notice that I could see the ceiling even though I had my eyes closed, and found my self getting out of the bed and walking into my spare room where I could hear my mum cleaning up (this was not an out of body experience I should point out it was just a very realistic lucid dream). Much more happened and I woke up very eager to do it again. Since that day I've been able to trigger lucid dreams more effectively by simply following the visualization techniques mentioned in this video. One of the best things I've ever bought!"
      Daniel Jackson, Manchester, United kingdom
    45. Kevin had his first consciously induced OBE after seeding the video!
      "I just wanted to let you know that I had my first consciously induced OBE this morning using the saltcube timer. I've had WILDs and OBEs before, but always by accident. This gives me new motivation to practice. Thanks a lot!"
      Kevin Wills, Cumming, GA

    46. Armen had his first OBE the first night after seeing the video after having tried other methods unsucessfully for four months!
      "The profiles on your main page talk about people having successful lucid dreams the first time they tried your techniques. I figured it would take me at least a week or more of using the timer to get it to work for me, if at all. Would you belive it worked the very first night??!!

      I had an experience that, to me, seems like it was an OBE that turned into a lucid dream. I had the vibrations accompanied by the buzzing/ringing sound. I'd never had such strong vibrations before or heard that buzzing/ringing sound before. I've been studying and practicing this for about 4 months now but only now with the Saltcube information I got last week was I able to have the experience I had last night. I felt like I slid out of my body and floated to the other side of the room and out the door. I looked at my hands and had the "melting hands" phenomenon. I reached my hand (which looked translucent) through the wall and the wall was the same color as it is in real life.

      I looked at my carpet which was the same color as well, but had a pattern on it which it doesn't really have in real life. At that point I was able to float and fly, but the environment I was in wasn't the RTZ because nothing accurately resembled real life. I saw myself in a mirror and it looked mostly like me. After floating into this one house, I found that I was able to walk instead of just floating and I felt pressure in my feet on the floor and was able to touch a doorknob and feel it. There is so much more I need to test in order to get more personal verification, but this experience was very intense. I'd had six lucid dreams in the last four months, but none of them started with the traditional OBE exit. They all started out as regular dreams in which I realized I was dreaming.

      Some OBE experiencers say it seems more real than real life. The longer my experience this morning lasted, the less real it seemed. With your techniques, I'm starting to feel like I have a lifetime of fascinating experiences ahead of me. I'm surprised that there aren't books out there with more of your information in them.

      Thanks Nick - what I spent on your videos has already totally paid off! It would be worth the price if it cost 10x as much!"

      Armen Alexanian, Las Vegas, Nevada
    47. Dr. Soltysik had broke a year and a half lucid dream dry spell after seeing the video only once!
      "I need to share wih you my experience from last night with the lucid dreaming technique I bought from you yesterday.

      I saw the downloaded material (part 1 only) twice, and last one was 1 hour before sleeping.

      I did some twitching, some concentration to the body and some deep slow breathing. I spent only few minutes on it, not more.

      Suddenly I was asleep. I realized I was out of my physical body, I checked my experience by rotating my spiritual body toward my feet, than I went up and down, then I passed one physical wall, simply going through it and then, since it was in big building on very big hight, I dropped down to the ambiss but I did not feel any fear.

      Last I focused myself to go toward MY GOAL (one particular place in France) but I could not come closer than airplaine perspective.

      Unfortunately I was stopped in the air!

      Today everything seems different! I feel different. I have so much energy and more optimism.

      It works! Things and situations are coming up in higher harmony.

      My first STRONG LUCIDITY EXPERIENCE happened to me a year and half ago after reading one article about lucid dreams and it was absolutely an extraordinary experience!!!

      I tried to get it again and again but it was with no results for so long time!

      Last night was the second time that I experienced lucid dreaming!!! THANK YOU!"

      Dr. Aleksandar Soltysik, Zagreb, Croatia
    48. Cecilia had her first OBE after seeing the video once!
      "I had my first OBE after the first time I saw the video, it didn't last too long because I think I felt overexcited, sadly after that day every time I feel my body numb, I go back to an awaken state. I practise as often as I can as I know that one day I will be able to control myself and have other OBE. I love the video and the website, full of helpful information!"
      Cecilia Romano, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
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